can I put this out there? rant not vent

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can I put this out there? rant not vent
Sun, 11-01-2009 - 6:46am

I'm so angry it's not even funny!

DH and I had been TTC for a year now.

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Sun, 11-01-2009 - 7:01am

Oh Laura....I know it seems that when it rains, it pours. You guys have been through so much, you deserve a break in the worst way!! I did read your entire post and I feel for you.

When you asked your sister for advice re: the loan and she threw in her two cents about just paying up front...well, sure that's easy for her to say! I know sometimes people's unwanted comments can really make you upset, but just try to focus on the issue at hand - what do you and your husband want more than anything? What have you been trying so hard to achieve for SO LONG? You have suffered through enough and the reality is that sometimes people who are not TTC and who haven't experienced any difficulty just don't "get it". You have to do what you feel is right in your heart. I wouldn't wait either, I'd do this now. Look what happened with your can save, save, save and something will always come up, and there will always be a reason to wait. I say do this NOW!!! I'm not saying you should go into massive amounts of debt over it but it sounds like you have great insurance and what you might need to borrow is manageable.

Also, on a personal far as your sis wanted to look into this genetic thing...I was born a genetic condition that required surgery at 6 months old. I can walk, I am totally continent, and with the exception of my scars on my lower back I am totally "normal" in every way. I met the love of my life in my mid-20s and got married in my late 20s and started TTC shortly after. My condition has been on my mind since my teens, waaaay before I was even thinking of really getting married or starting a family. What I'm saying is that even though I knew that those things were way off into the future for me, it was still on my mind that I might someday have "issues" and now that I'm pregnant, that fear has not gone away. I also considered looking into it years and years ago. Maybe your sister just wants to prepare herself now for what may lay ahead. I'm just saying, I kinda get what she's saying about that....

Hang in there Laura. Things are bound to get better!!

Cycle 1 - BFN. Was told I have polycystic ovaries. The fertility obession begins. Day 3 Blood Work - Appears to be normal, with slightly high prolactin. Must re-do next cycle.
Cycle 2 - DH's s/a came back normal. BFN - AF arrived early.
Cycle 3 - Day 3 Blood Work re-do is normal. Could not do HSG...long story. Have an appt. with the local fertility genius in mid-May. O'ed early, no chance for a BFP this cycle, which was my first 28 day cycle in YEARS!
Cycle 4 - Day 3 b/w is normal yet again. Back to my regular cycle length. Using CBEFM and OPKs, not temping. Learned that I DO NOT have PCOS, but do have an obstructed cervix. Surgery to correct in early July.
Cycle 5 - Had surgery to correct cervix, as well as HSG (tubes clear), endometrial biopsy, hysteroscopy, and more. Cysts removed from tubes, and a fibroid removed. Getting ready to start IUI.
Cycle 6 - IUI #1 - 75IU Follistim + HCG trigger + progesterone. Definitely 3 follicles, possibly a 4th (if it gets its act together). Inseminations on CD 15, 17 and 18.
****BFP at 11dpiui. WOW!!!!*****

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Sun, 11-01-2009 - 4:16pm

Oh wow.

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Mon, 11-02-2009 - 8:34am

Thanks for your kinds words and support girls.