Coral, Mika, how are you?

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Coral, Mika, how are you?
Tue, 12-30-2008 - 6:12pm

I've been thinking about you two, just wanted to see how you both are doing.

Did either of you see your doctors or have any bloodwork done? Mine asked me to come in today and do another blood test, to see if my numbers are back to zero, I guess. I was hoping to hear back results today but no call.

I didn't see my doctor but the nurse told me my dr wants to see me in two weeks to do a pelvic exam and check up on things. I'm not really sure why, I should have asked more questions.

From what little I've read online, it seems like it should be okay to start trying right away? And that it's not uncommon to ovulate as if it were a normal AF? Is that what you guys are doing or are you taking a break? I definitely don't want to wait. But I'm usually a late o-er so I'm wondering what will happen this month.

I've been feeling depressed off and on (mostly on) and really tired. But, I know things will be okay. It's still just hard. The worst thing is I had a friend tell me that "before home pregnancy tests, I wouldn't have known I was pregnant and would have just thought I was having a really heavy period". That upset me SO much. What does that have to do with anything??? The fact is I DID know I was pregnant. And it's like she thought because it was an early loss, it didn't matter. But it does matter, especially when you've been trying for months and thinking about it every single day since the day you started trying.

Anyway...just wanted to check in with you girls. Hope you'll let me know how you're doing, it's always nice to have support from people who understand.


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Tue, 12-30-2008 - 6:49pm

Nicole, thanks for checking up on me! I'm with you ups and downs! mostly down. sil is due in march and got lots of gifts for baby for christmas- car seat, breast pump, clothes, toys, which made it hard for me. there was also the hour long convo on what they should name the baby! I am happy for her and sad for me.
dh also took the opportunity to say to me the other day, "well at least you know you can get pregnant!" ummm.... NO! my baby was not an experiment on my ability to conceive!!!
I agree with you that we love our babies before we know about them because we spend so much time trying to get them.

I had an appt to talk fertility with my Dr on jan 5th so I'm just going back then... I will TTC right away, all the things I've read advice I've gotten is that its ok...

nicole ever considered joining bfp lucky thread? I've gotten tons of support and advice from them, this would have been too difficult without them... they've been great and I'd love you to join me!!


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Tue, 12-30-2008 - 10:06pm

Hey girls,

I'm doing okay. I haven't seen a doctor yet but I'm calling to make an appointment tomorrow. The bleeding had mostly slowed right down, pretty much to nothing and today it's started up fresh again, so I want to get that looked at.

I've read and reread the internet obsessively about chances of second miscarriages, etc and I'm going to be super paranoid until I'm over 12 weeks pregnant with the next one. In the back of my mind is the worry this one miscarriage is that start of something bad, yanno??

I had a friend say to me "well, that's why I never tested early" and I hate that. Makes me just want to smack her in the doesn't help me any, or make me feel less sad and disappointed. It just comes across as smug. THEN she said "I don't consider them babies until after 12 weeks anyway" !!!! ....Words of someone who has never miscarried a desperately wanted and already loved baby. GRRRRR

I read that you can try for a baby right after a miscarriage and that some women are anovulatory for a few cycles but most women are right back to normal. So, I'm going to be trying as soon as the bleeding stops. I can't bear the thought of it taking ages and ages to conceive's so bad having what you want dangled right in front of you, so close you can touch it....and then having it snatched away!!!

How are you Nicole?