Dont know what to make of it---

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Dont know what to make of it---
Thu, 06-11-2009 - 5:17pm
I wasnt even TTC, but I knew I was pregnant shortly after the unprotected intercourse (I have heard some women are actually able to tell...dunno how/why, but it does).

Within a couple of days, according to my neurotic self, I started to feel very pretty and was filled with an unexplainable joy that only the Virgin Mother could probably understand.

I broached the potential news with my partner. We have only recently reconnected after approximately 14 years apart...we dated early college years. To my total surprise, he was on board and we started to make tentative plans should the result be Positive.

I took the 1st home test and it was negative...however, symptoms started to manifest...not that different from the symptoms prior to AF, but my body just, 3 days later I took a 2nd test, but the line was very faint (BUT IT WAS THERE). So, I called the GYN Doc's office and made an appt for the following business day.

Pee test was positive, HCG levels were there and she asked I repeat the blood work in 48 hours to see if the levels were on the rise...

She also conducted a sonogram (the uncomfortable kind)...and what was revealed?...I have a Fibroid!!!

Call me naive, stupid, uneducated, but I had no idea what was a fibroid, so while the Doc is telling me that it will just be monitored as the pregnancy progresses, my state of shock did not register what exactly was a fibroid...until I Googled it...yup, I Googled it.

48 hours after that, I started bleeding and lost the child that only lived in me for approximately 3 weeks and was so loved for that entire existence...

So, I will be wiggling in and out of this board for a bit...will plan TTC in a few months...but first, gotta tackle Mr. Fibroid!!!

So, Hello to Every Member and I look forward to sharing further with you.