I'm a hypocrite but I needed to vent!!

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I'm a hypocrite but I needed to vent!!
Mon, 12-08-2008 - 4:04pm

I know I said I wasn't going to post anything until after my Doctor's appointment in January, just call me a hypocrite! I needed to vent!

My DH's BF is getting on my last nerve!

Him & his wife are PG with their 2nd. They were PG the same time we were with our first, their son is 4-5 months older than our DS. This summer we hung out with them a little bit and DH told them we were TTC. Well the next time we saw them, we were swimming in DH's BF's PARENTS POOL and they had decided to break the news that THEY were PG!! If that wasn't enough they said they started trying and got PG the first month!...which was the month after we told them we were TTC! When we told them we were TTC they said they weren't even going to think about having another baby until their son was 2!...They got PG when their son was 12-13 months!

Then they started giving us TIPS!!! It wasn't that big of a deal because we had only been TTC for 3-4 months. It was still a deal, just not that big of one.

So now it is December...the reason I'm really upset is because, neither of them have jobs, they mooch off his parents then when they've sucked them dry they go live with her parents then they do the same thing over again. The wife is a true B!+<#. She treats his parents like crap. She says they are cruel to her and that she tries to get a long. I know his parents and they'd do anything for anybody! They are the nicest people I know...other than my Aunt Angie. They live in a one bedroom condo for crying out loud! She talks crap about them in front of them and is very rude to them. They still don't kick her butt out! I would've a long time ago! They can't afford health insurance so she hasn't even went to her OB! She is like 6-7 months PG! On top of that I think they might be having twins. My sister is on her 3rd child and was PG 6 wks before her. At 4 months PG she looked like she was about 7 months and my sister still had just a tiny bump, and my friend got PG 3 wks before her and she was still flat too. And still no OB! And to top it off they still insist on giving us pointers on how to get PG!

And not just when we see them. I mean all the time! They'll call, email, text, send a message via myspace, face to face, ANY TIME THEY CAN. It always starts with, we got PG the first month we started trying, we had sex on O day. Why don't you just try that and you'll get PG. EVERYTIME! Then they go on and on and on....and every time we tell them, for some couples it just isn't that easy. And they say, yeah it is, then they giggle.

Like this myspace message he just sent me:

no we haven't went to the ob. we are in stockton and we havent got our medi-cal so we're going to wait 3-4 more days, when we back to bakes we'll probably get it. are you guys doing it on your ovulating days? we just had sex for a month straight and kelly got pregnant.

It's so very annoying!

It might be different if I truelly felt they were being sincere. But they aren't. They are rubbing it in. I just want to yell at them and be like "You stupid idiots! You have 2 kids now and you don't even have insurance for them, much less a roof over their head! And you only wanted this one to keep up with us!"

DH's BF is a good guy. He broke up with her then found out 3 months later after he got on with his life that she was PG, so then he did "the right thing" and married her. I don't know how it is now but when their son was an infant he always said she wasn't a good mother and she doesn't do anything, he does everything, that she was so lazy. Then why are they still together & why are they having another one & why can't he get up and support his family!?!

We have the money, we have insurance, we have the house, we have the car, we have the love, we have everything a baby needs.

It's driving me nuts!

My DH doesn't get it. I know I should just let this go. I thought it'd die down but now she is 6-7 months...who knows since she won't get off her A$$ and go get medi-cal to see the OB...and it still hasn't they keep on rubbing it in!

OK. I think I'm done. Thank you.

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Mon, 12-08-2008 - 4:36pm


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Mon, 12-08-2008 - 8:03pm

I get how you feel - it really is hard when everyone else around you is PG w/o trying.

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Tue, 12-09-2008 - 7:32pm

On top of all that my DH reminded me last night that she tricked him into having the 1st baby!

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Tue, 12-09-2008 - 9:47pm
Wow how obnoxious are they?? I can't believe they are giving you such annoying and insensitive pointers.


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Tue, 12-09-2008 - 10:03pm

That's what DH and I talked about last night.

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