Makes me so MAD

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Makes me so MAD
Fri, 02-06-2009 - 10:49am,2933,488644,00.html

How could anyone do this? How many of us women would give anything to be 23 weeks pregnant or have that baby.

I heard about this this morning and thought I would share. I know its a horrible thing but wanted to share it with others.

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Fri, 02-06-2009 - 11:09am
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Fri, 02-06-2009 - 11:21am
This is AWFUL!!!! This person should absolutely be tried for murder - it makes me sick to think another human being could do this. I don't know much about abortion practices, but isn't 23 weeks a little late to abort? I wonder how the eighteen year old girl is taking this - she gave birth!!

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Fri, 02-06-2009 - 12:35pm

When I heard this it just made me so pissed off and thought of all us ladies who are TTC and trying to hard and this girl goes and does this.

And expecially at 23 weeks that is just WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! If you read it she says that she just couldn't have a baby like support it wise and couldnt take care of it well then dont ahve sex or have it full term and give it up for adoption. It was your own fault you got pregnant so don't take it out on an innocet little baby who could have a full life.
And if you read it says Quadruplets were born at 23 weeks, and are perfectly fine.

I know its horrible but I just wanted to share it with you.

I mean me and my husband are TTC and dont have very much money but if that baby could have lived and the mom care it to full term I would have paid all the bills just to ahve a baby and to have that baby live.



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Sun, 02-08-2009 - 9:01pm
I just read this article but I saw it the other day but almost started crying when I noticed the headline & skipped it.

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Mon, 02-09-2009 - 11:03pm
disgusting. horrible.
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