P&PT for my DD

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P&PT for my DD
Fri, 03-20-2009 - 9:56am
My baby (well, she's 21 and married, but still my baby)just went in for her surgery. And here I sit at work cause I could not take the time off because of the time I've been missing for my stupid Lyme disease. But my DH, my Mom and of course, DD's hubby are there with her.

She's losing her right ovary after a 6 year battle with endometriosis. So far she has had 2 surgeries to "clean up" the endo. We hope the endo has not affected her other ovary, but the ultrasound she had the other day at the fertility center says it's still producing follicles and her 3-day after period bloodwork (sorry if I'm using the correct terminology; I'm new on this board).


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Fri, 03-20-2009 - 10:08am
Your DD will be in my thoughts and prayers.