Things happen for a reason..

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Things happen for a reason..
Sat, 01-10-2009 - 2:50pm

Okay I meant to mess with my sig, somehow I screwed up my whole post... I'm out of it lol

Anyway, I guess I just wanna remind mainly myself that things happen for a reason. I've always believed that, but now I'm starting to see it more and more in my life.

I'm gonna add a small rant here. My cousin is pregnant with her second. Although I'm happy for her, I just don't get it. She got preggo with #1 right after getting of BCP. Before he turned 2 her and her DH decided they wanted another. So she goes of BCP, and bam a month later she's preggo! Same with my friend. She's preggo with her 3rd, and she wasn't even trying for this one! In fact she was on BCP and they used protection. So she's sitting there not wanting to be preggo and


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Sat, 01-10-2009 - 10:36pm

Welcome to the club ;)

It is kinda normal this feelings, we deal with that all the time. So don't feel like crap, chin up, we're at the same boat, and here for you. Just try to breathe it out of your system and keep positive. Your baby will come in the right time for you. Maybe this month (can't see in what part of the cycle you are) or the next. Your bfp can be around the corner as we speak!

Good Luck


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Sun, 01-11-2009 - 7:53am

Lots of hugs, Bluesky!
I too am trying to feel and know that things happen for a reason and our time will be when it should be, but it sure sucks until it does happen, eh?!

At this moment, I think all of my friends are either pregnant, just had a kid or think they might be pregnant (or don't want kids ever).... and it sure hurts! Especially when 2 of them got pregnant so quickly, without even really trying. (One of them is such a ditz and quite immature for her age, that I worry at times..sad to say, but it is true.)

Oh well..such is life. Thankfully my DH finally seems to be fully on board with TTC.

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