throwing a B**ch fit please! My Crzy BFF

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throwing a B**ch fit please! My Crzy BFF
Sat, 12-06-2008 - 12:36am

Okay. SEriously I can not stand people who take advcantage.

My Best friend (whom for reason to remain unseen I am still friends with! I know I am nuts!) She has this dog. More like a small horse. And she has a two year old little boy. And a chiwawaa and 2 cats and 2 birds. In a tiny 2 bedroom apartment!

So this horse dog has no shots. And they keep it locked in this tiny cage all day and night. Letting it out only to go potty or play occasionally. They never walk it. And it pushes out of the crate while they are gone and tears to shreds anything and everything that they care about.

So a month ago before halloween it destroyed a bunch of stuff and was unruly. and they decided to get rid of it. Her SO couldnt take it to the pound so she asked my DH. He said yes and we planed on doing it. The the day of she calls us and says they have decided not to get rid of it and to keep it and use these downloaded dog training lesson frrom online. (which BTW involved slamming the crate door on the dogs nose if it comes out too soon. or squeezing the bones in the paw if it jumps up untill the dog is yelping or crying)

Well that lasted liek two days. And they still never walk it. And it is so big that it litterally kicks the 2 year olds butt! he has had countless bruises and at least 2 black eyes in the past month alone!

So then two days ago the dog destroyed thier last bedding blanket (it has already destroyed the sheets and two blankets, and this was thier FINAL blanket and they are dirt poor). She said she had it and asked my DH to take it to the pound again. So he said sure but secretly said to me that he didnt believe it. But WOULD do it if she really showed. So then yesterday night we decided to take the horse dog to the pound and we take her truck and my DH drives. Well the pound recently took away its nightly deposite box so then we couldnt leave it.

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Sat, 12-06-2008 - 5:11am

Wow, this is a bad situation.

I feel terrible for this little boy. This is NOT a good situation for him. I feel bad for the dog, its more miserable there I imagine than the pound, where he would get more room than a tiny cage (at least they do in the ones in my hometown). And I feel bad for you, you are trying to help and she's being awful. This is a lose-lose situation!

She needs to think of her child first, he needs to eat and be clothed. Her taxes should be spent on her bills and on her kid. This is ridiculous. I'd tell her so! But I understand your dilemma because of the little guy.

I'm mad on your behalf...I wish I had some good advice...ARGH.

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Sat, 12-06-2008 - 8:38am

not only do I feel bad for the kid...but that poor dog.



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Sat, 12-06-2008 - 9:42am

Hey Madie,

That is a horrible situation - obviously the dog and the poor child are being neglected. WHy don't you make an annonomus call to the SPCA? It might seem kind of harsh - but it is a way to remedy the situation without offending your friend.

Trust me I understand the whole "why am I still your friend?" senerio... I was best friends with a girl for like 8 years - there was no give and take there I was constantly getting taking advantage of... so finally I

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Sat, 12-06-2008 - 1:29pm

Thanks girls! Now I dont feel so crazy.

I did think about annon. calling the SPCA. But then i realized that NO ONE else really knows she has the dog. My mom

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Sat, 12-06-2008 - 9:37pm


I'm not sure where you are from but I can almost guarantee you there are no kill rescues in you area that would take a dog such as your "friends".


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Sun, 12-07-2008 - 12:34am

She has decided to keep him and will here no more on the subject. It is a mix dog. And it is part Pit. which is why she only wants a NO KILL. And now she feels like she is meant to keep it! Because of the two bad experiences trying to get him there!

Thanks for offering to help but she wont here any of it! My mom has offered to help and

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Sun, 12-07-2008 - 12:30pm


I, too, have had an experience with a "friend".

Hugs, Mika & Liam
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Sun, 12-07-2008 - 12:47pm

Mika You are too smart!! :-)

I am so frusterated. And I really wish that I could do everything you listed above.

The Child services in my areas is WAY WAY below par. (I am a teacher (mandated reporter) and I have called several times and they make you fill out all the paper work but do not follow up and in most circumstances will not take the child from the home unless it is in EXTEME danger)

Unfortunatly the landlord (who is also my landlord) doesnt care about this rule too much. And she really ignores it all. I am sure the maintence people have seen the animals a million times (and it is the same guy everytime and he talks to the landlord a ton) and they are not authorized to have that many animals but whatever no one does anyhting.

The birds were kept in the childs room for the longest time. And I dont know but i think they might still be. And I doubt she cleans them that often. because she barely cleans up after her other pets (she lets them poo and pee on the poarch which smells HORRID if you walk past it) (so occasionally will spray it off with water)

The cats both do not have shots. And one may even have deseases (she lost it and then found "it" about 6 months later (which didnt make sence and I DO NOT think it is the same cat) )

The chiwawa has not had shots in forever and is very mean but is better thaan any of the other animals. Because they have had it forever so it is trained to listen to them.

I need to meditate on this and try and do what is best.

If I knew that me calling would do good I would but it doesnt. :-(

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