Well, tested this am BFN, but I'm OK !!!

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Well, tested this am BFN, but I'm OK !!!
Mon, 05-12-2003 - 9:23am
Good Morning ladies!!!!

Hope every one was able to have a wonderful day yesterday sharing it with the women we love most, our mothers. Even though I know this is a difficult time for many of us. I'm not different. DH & I went to MIL and SIL. SIL is 5 months pg right now with 2nd, and she is doing really great. She had an ultrasound done the other day and found out they are having a little girl and she has pix from the U/S. I'm trying to be as supportive as I can for her. During her 1st pg, I was a bit of a B****. She and BIL kinda did everything backwards - got pg, brought a house and then got married. She has everything I wanted but I made a promise to myself long ago, ( and please understand , this my own personal opinion, not condemning or trying to step on anyone elses toes when I say this, because I am definitely no saint ) that I did not want to become pg without being married. That is just how I was raised, so I hope everyone understands this comment. That is why I did not stop BCP until 2 weeks before my wedding. Well, here it is 8 years later, and I can't help but wonder if maybe I had stopped BCP sooner and would not have been so self righteous, would I have possibly gotten pg then. But I made that decision long ago and can't worry about it now. ( Sorry about that little story, guess I just needed to vent a little ).

But here it is, Mon. May 12, and I'm patiently waiting for AF. Expecting her anytime now. BB's are sore and that is a tale tale sign for me. As some of you may know, I am new to this board. Been posting just over a week. Not really sure what CD I'm on but estimating CD24. Think cycle runs anywhere from 23-28 days. Don't know for sure because I haven't started charting yet. Plan on starting that for the 1st time ever as soon as AF shows. Went out Sat. and bought my BBT and also a pg test (FRE). I also printed the manual off of FF to read up on all this before I start. Some of you may have read already that I am scheduled for gum surgery on Thursday, that is why I wanted to test to see if by some remote chance, that I may be pg, but the test shows BFN. So, I don't have to worry about that. I can go through with surgery and get my stupid teeth fixed, ( well, half of them anyway, he's only doing one side, and at the beginning of the year, he'll do other side )and not have to worry so much about the meds. But, regardless, even though I held out little hope that I was pg, it is still a little hard to see that BFN, but I'm not totally bummed. I'm ready to start this TTC thing full force if AF just would go ahead and come. Thanks for listening and I'm truly sorry this ended up being so long. Sometimes I get long winded. I promise, I'll try to do better.

GL to everyone out there and here's bunches of whatever kind of ((((((((vibes )))))))))) that everyone needs right now.

~Lisa O~

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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 9:45am
I'm sorry to hear about your BFN! Hope the gum surgery goes good for you.

My dh and I got pg with our DS before we were married also,but I didn't feel like we should get married just because of a pg. A friend of mine did and she had a m/c two months before the wedding. But now we have been happily married for more than 2yrs. I understand about being grumpy around some pg people you know. The same friend I mentioned is also trying for her 2nd(her first was born a year and a half after m/c) and I'm afraid I will be really rude or mean,just out of envy. Oh, well i shouldn't worry about it i guess.

I hope you have a great day, and I also hope AF comes and goes nice and quick for you,and you get a BFP soon!

Good Luck!!


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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 10:04am

Sorry about your bfn--those are hard no matter what. GL with your gum surgery. I hope you don't have too much discomfort.


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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 10:12am
Hi Lisa O, I am glad you're doing okay. I am so sorry you got a BFN. I got one too. Plus, I know what you are going through. I have had a lot of the same feelings. I was so careful not to get PG before marriage, even during our first couple of years of marriage. I wanted to set a good foundation for our lives together house, career, etc. Now I am to the point where I am wondering why? Sometimes, it's just the way things go. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be. We will become PG soon, it's just a matter of time.

Lisa, I hope you see your BFP real soon. Good luck with testing, it is extremely informative.


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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 10:22am
I'm sorry about your bfn. I know how hard it can be to be around pg. while ttc.

Good luck with your surgery and hopefully you will get BFP soon!



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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 9:59pm
Oh, Lisa, I am so sorry! It is okay to be a little jealous of SIL-we understand. I wish you had gotten a BFP, but at least you will get your surgery out of the way so you can get your BFP next month. GL!



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Tue, 05-13-2003 - 10:27am
Sorry about your BFN! I hope that charting will be useful for you. I wish you lots of luck!

Good luck with your gum surgery, and I hope everything turns out fine.

Have you managed to find a cycle buddy yet? Sorry I couldn't be yours, but you'll find that there are lots of friendly ladies here, no matter where you are in your cycle.

-Hannah :)

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Tue, 05-13-2003 - 2:40pm
Thanks for all the responses!!!!!

Hey Hannah,

No , I haven't found a cycle buddy yet, however, I did find a nice lady in Texas ( annemd03, I think is her member name) We're gonna be fairly close in cycle but the kicker is, we have the same birthday and we are the exact same age. She is 36 also and TTC#1. So, I feel like we have a lot in common and I've been keeping in touch with her a little. She's on like cycle day 3 or 4 I think and just started charting on FF. I'm just waiting for Spot, AF anybody to come so I can get on with it already. Bought my BBT Sat. Tried to temp with it Monday morning and it wouldn't do right. I was so upset. So I went back to store and got a different one. I like it better anyway.Read through FF manual last night and boy is there a lot of good info right there. I printed it out so I could read it and refer to it if I need to.

I feel like AF is right around the corner. BB's are killing me, which is a sign for me. Poor DH was feeling a little frisky last night, and every time he got to BB's, I just wanted to jump out of my skin. He was so apologetic. He did not realize that my cycle is on it's way. Talk about killing a moment !!! Well, that was probably too much info, but I'm sorry, I'm just ready for her to come on now. Obviously, my estimates about my cycle when I 1st starting posting were wrong. Hopefully, the charting will get all of that straight for me. Thanks for asking about me Hannah. I probably won't be on quite as much this week with my surgery and all. I'll check in though.

+++++++++BFP++++++++ Vibes to all !!!! GL to you Hannah!!!!

~Lisa O~