Who is the most supportive in your life?

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Who is the most supportive in your life?
Mon, 12-07-2009 - 2:31pm
Who provides you with the most support during TTC in your life?

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Mon, 12-07-2009 - 2:59pm

The most supportive person in my TTC journey would have to be a group we like to call "The Ladies in Waiting" from the Ivillage Trying to Concieve bard.

Although Dh is supportive and my friends are all there for me, nobody can compete with a group of women going threw the same thing at the same time.

Love all of them, they have become a permanent fixture in my life.

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Tue, 12-08-2009 - 2:03pm

I would have to say that besides the Luckies on the Lucky BFP thread and DH, one of the other supports that I have is one of the guys at work. I know it sounds strange but he and his wife have been TTC for 3 years. So he can understand when I'm late and a wreck and frustrated over DH's *ahem* stamina. Family is always there, but they can't really understand all the ins and outs. No pun intended. Hopefully we will all get our BFP's soon!!!


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