Almost a year of TTC's my background

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Almost a year of TTC's my background
Tue, 11-02-2010 - 12:54am


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Tue, 11-02-2010 - 10:38am

Hi Mama!! Glad to have you here. Though I wish you would have gotten the BFP this month..We are in a similac situation.. We are ttc#2 and this is our 10th month.. With our DS is took awhile as well and there was no real reason for us either... Seems when youa re ready for a baby it makes it that much harder to get one...

The ladies are wonderful here! Welcome and Wish you a BFP very very soon!

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Looks like we're on the same cycle. I got a bfn today too :( Good luck with trying to conceive and I hope this is your month!
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