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Another Newbie
Sat, 01-22-2011 - 8:34am


This is my first post introducing myself after a week or so of lurking after being directed to the ivillage community from a counsellor at my work.

I am 29 years old and have been TTC #1 since August 2009. I have not had much luck in my conception adventure. My husband and I have been through preliminary tests, I went through cycle monitoring to confirm ovulation, I had a saline sonogram and an HSG which showed no problems or blockages. My husbands count and mobility is fine. We have an appointment with him next week for the "next steps" as he wanted me to come back 3 months after the HSG, which is where we are at right now. I am guessing the next steps includes the beginning of fertility drugs.

My biggest challenge has been that I seem to be surrounded by pregnancy announcements and growing baby bumps. All my friends that got married after me are pregnant and pretty much all due within 2 months of eachother. As you can imagine my Christmas holidays were filled with a lot of pregnancy announcements. I currently know 6 people due between May and July of this year.

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Sat, 01-22-2011 - 7:47pm
Hi Lindsay!!

Glad you are here!! As you already said, there ARE so many people here that have gone through struggles and different roads to conceive... so much support and shared vents... it's a great place to be!!

Hope you aren't here long :)\

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You are defiantly in the right place. There are so many supportive ladies here. Hope you have a short stay and get that BFP you've been looking for! :smileyhappy:

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Mon, 01-24-2011 - 1:41pm

Hi Lindsay! My name is Tracie, I'm 31 and I've been TTC

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Tue, 01-25-2011 - 3:37pm

I really feel your pain here.

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Tue, 01-25-2011 - 9:46pm

That's great that someone told you about this site.

ME 34 SO 31 TTC #1 since September/08 First appointment with RE October/10 HSG November/10 - Left tube blocked Unblocked March 17/11 Fimbriae are gone though SA December/10 - 1% Morphology Swim Up SA January 2011 - Morphology is 13% doctor says is