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Tue, 02-19-2013 - 9:07am


I took a break from the boards for a while but we haven't stopped trying. I have done 5 rounds of clomid. I had strong O's on 3 and then the other 2 rounds were duds. I have been taking B6 for like, at least a year, trying to stop my stupid spotting that happens every cycle. Today is CD 7, and I'm on cycle 24 I think. Who's counting at this point?? My last cycle I started spotting on 4DPO and didn't stop until AF came on 13DPO!! Ugh.

I have a final consultation with a Dr. at my local practice to see if there is anything else we can try locally before I go to the Fertility Clinic, which is located about an hour away. I don't want to go to the fertility clinic, simply because it's so far away! I'm kind of a work-aholic, and I just can't imagine having to ake so much sick time to go back and forth to the Dr. So we'll see.... but DH is starting to get antsy, and wants to go to the clinic.

Oh, and I'm 31 and DH is 35.

Let's get our BFPs!!




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Tue, 02-19-2013 - 12:25pm

It's good to see you back, Kristin, but I'm sorry that you are still trying :( That would be a pain to have to go so far to see your doctor, not always the easiest to schedule into a workday. It's nothing you can do on a lunch break, it would have to be a morning or afternoon off.   Hopefully they will have some evening or early morning appointments available to you.

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Wed, 02-20-2013 - 12:09am
Hey Kristin! Happy and sad to see you here :) Today is CD 10 for me. Doc said not to try this month, but it's so hard not too!! So we are just not preventing. If it happens, it happens. I was prescribed clomid, but was nervous to get started on it. How did you feel on it? I have a follow up with my doc on the 26th, she may say to hold off on the clomid since I actually did get pg. Little victories I guess. I hope your stay here is short and sweet. I agree, let's get our bfps!!! Brooke


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Thu, 02-21-2013 - 8:56am

Hey Brooke! Well, I did just fine on the clomid- I really didn't have any side effects at all. It's not expensive and an easy fix!

I went to the Dr. yesterday, and came away feeling a little better. It turns out that they can do IUI right at my office, whch I didn't know. So, I think the plan will be this: next cycle, I will go back on 100mg of clomid. We will do IUI and then I will have progesterone suppositories (fun!) for my luteal phase to see if that could stop the spotting.

I had asked my old Dr. about getting progesterone about 5 months ago and she said no right off the bat. When I told my new Dr.about my spotting she said that it could be of concern and that if the egg is getting fertilized it may not be able to implant (duh!) So she said she usually wouldn't prescribe the progesterone, because you can't measure the success of the clomid when you are taking it. But since I have a history of clomid working, she is willing to give it a try.

So I feel like I have a Dr. who is a little more aggressive, and that feels nice. And I'm glad I don't have to go an hour away for more treatment. After we try IUI, I'm not sure what steps we would be willing to take. That might be the full extent of what I am willing to do. So we'll see!