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Doing it all...
Thu, 09-29-2011 - 8:55am

Good Morning - My husband and I have been TTC for only about 6 months and I know that you don't need to worry about it until a year but what makes it frustrating is that since we've been trying my cycle has been incredibly 2 or 3 times a month so even though we only been trying 6 months I've had around 12 cycles. I went to the doc and she ran tests and nothing came back...she said to keep trying and come back when it's been a year if still no luck. I have always known I wanted a child...and always assumed it would just happen...I never imagined the pain that a negative pregnancy test could cause or how awful having your period could be. Everytime it starts I feel like such a failure. We haven't told anyone about trying to become pregnant so I'm going through this by myself....well with my husband....and he's great but it just doesn't seem like he gets it. I am wondering if anyone has advice for how to keep your mind off of it...and deal with the emotions??? Any advice would be helpful :)

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Thu, 09-29-2011 - 3:48pm
Welcome to the board, kbeth85! I can't believe that your doctor wasn't concerned that your cycles are so short. I really question if you are even ovulating, and if you are, it doesn't sound like your luteal phase is long enough for implantation. Have you always had issues with your cycle being irregular?

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Thu, 09-29-2011 - 9:09pm
12 cycles in 6 months sounds a little alarming to me. If your doctor doesn't seem to be too concerned, I would suggest finding a new doc. Is this an ob/gyn or just a GP? There are also RE's (reproductive endocrinologist) which will run a buttload of tests. Good luck!
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Thu, 09-29-2011 - 9:36pm
Welcome! I agree with Lex, that seems extreme. You would think someone would be willing to help you. I have also been trying for 6 going on 7 months. It is definitely frustrating.. The only thing I tell myself is,maybe we aren't pregnant this month because...(like a few months ago I said maybe we weren't preg this month because the baby would be due at the end of March and that's right around the state basketball tournament and my husbands a basketball coach). Or the another month, maybe we aren't pregnant this month because my husband would have been nearing the end of school (teacher) and he wouldn't be able to take time off. That's what I do, try to turn it into something positive when its not... but I told my DH that I don't have any excuses after this cycle! Hope you find a Dr that can help you out!! Good Luck!