Finally going to stop lurking :)

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Finally going to stop lurking :)
Thu, 02-14-2013 - 2:19am

HI! My name is Kim, I'm 31. I have DH (38) DD (5) and DS (3.)  I have been lurking here for several months now.  We are finally TTC#3!

We have only been "trying" for a couple of months now, but I feel like it has been forever already. We wanted/had planned to start trying sooner, but DS had a BIG health scare so we put things on hold while we were going through all that. Now after waiting to try I just want a baby now, lol! Plus I feel like EVERYONE I know is pregnant!  This week alone I found out that 2 of my sister-in -laws and another one of my friends are expecting.  I'm super excited and jeleous of them! With my last two kids I didn't even have to try, so I'm already frustrated, but doing my best to stay optomistic. The last couple of months I was SURE I was pregnant, so I'm pretty good at convincing myself :)




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Thu, 02-14-2013 - 3:23pm

Hi Kim, it's great to have you here!  I've done that to myself as well; it's so easy to convince yourself every month that every twinge and feeling is a sign that you are pregnant.  Baby fever really messes with your mind!  I hope that everything is fine with your DS now.  Keep us posted on your progress!

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Wed, 02-20-2013 - 12:13am
Welcome Kim! I'm glad you came out of lurking :) DS only took us three months to conceive and now we are on cycle 16 (I think) for number 2. I saw your comment on my post. Thank you. It was sweet of you to say something. I'm feeling optimistic again and ready for my sticky bfp! I hope you don't have to wait too much longer to get yours. Welcome! -Brooke