Hello from a noob

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Hello from a noob
Wed, 04-27-2011 - 10:14pm

Hi everyone!

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Thu, 04-28-2011 - 7:32am
Hi Michelle! I hope you get your BFP quickly! There a re lots of ladies here with all different experiences and I'm pretty sure there will be an answer for any questions you may come up with.

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Fri, 04-29-2011 - 12:23am
Welcome Michelle! I hope the uninstallment goes smoothly & you have a quick return to a state of fertility!! Don't be shy! Good luck :)

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Sun, 05-01-2011 - 11:36pm

Hi and Welcome!

Hope you get your BFP quickly but we will enjoy getting to know you until then :)

Good Luck!


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Tue, 05-03-2011 - 3:54pm
Hi Michelle, it's nice to "meet" you :) How did it go with getting your Mirena out? Good luck!