New and nervous...

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New and nervous...
Tue, 03-01-2011 - 5:11pm

Hi everyone!
My name is Amanda and I am currently ttc #2! My daughter just turned 6 in December! How time flies! I started ttc number 2 in April of last year, but only tried for a couple of months, since we ended up moving shortly after and were settling in. I got pregnant with my daughter very easily, and am scared that this one won't be so easy! My daughter is from a previous relationship. I guess I dont really have any reason to be worried, but also since last time wasso quick I dont want to be too positive about it either if that makes sense...Everyone ttc number 2... what is your experience with that? Did your first time ttc resemble the 2nd? Or was it completely opposite?

Anyway, gl to all! :)

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Tue, 03-01-2011 - 6:35pm

Hi Amanda, welcome to the board!

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Welcome to the board!

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Welcome to the board!! You'll love it here!!

Every pregnancy is different, but for some, they're all the same. :) It's hard to say what to expect going into TTC #2. Hopefully you'll have a very short wait!! #1 and #2 for me were a surprise, #3 took 18 months for no good reason and now I'm trying for #4 since Dec. 2010 with a 6 month deployment in the middle and an upcoming one on the horizon. TTC can be rough but it also can be enjoyable. Start taking your prenatals and learning when your fertile window is and you'll be golden! :) GOOD LUCK

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