New to board and TTC

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New to board and TTC
Tue, 12-28-2010 - 11:18pm
Hi ladies! I just joined today and it is my first month TTC. My back story is a little complicated. When I was in my early 20s I had two miscarriages. Both were unexplained and I was told that there was nothing wrong with me. A few years later, I started having other symptoms such as a rash when I would go into the sun and aches and pains. I was in medical school by that time and began to suspect that I may have lupus. Long story short, I got tested and I do indeed have lupus and also an associated condition called anti-phospholipid syndrome. This is most likely the cause for my miscarriages and could put me at risk for more losses in the future. But all is well for now! My lupus is in remission and I am taking 81 mg aspirin each day while TTC and there is the option to have heparin injections as well once I am pregnant if necessary. This syndrome is relatively rare so I don't want to alarm other women who have experienced losses into thinking that they have it as well, it just turned out that that is what happened with me. Aside from that I am a regular woman just like anyone else anxiously awaiting the date when I can pee on a stick :P I look forward to getting to know you ladies well. I love all things to do with pregnancy and have even thought about becoming an OB/Gyn doctor in the future so I am sure I will be all over these boards!
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Thu, 12-30-2010 - 10:39am

Welcome to the board!

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Thu, 12-30-2010 - 2:41pm
Welcome to the board!! I am so sorry to hear about your losses (but I loved your disclaimer!). I hope the aspirin/heparin combo saves you further heartache and your lupus stays in remission where it belongs!! I look forward to getting to know you in the coming months, and will certainly cheer loudly when you POAS and see those two lines!!

All the best,

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Thu, 12-30-2010 - 4:02pm
Welcome to the board, I hope all the difficult days are behind you. The best of luck and I wish you a short stay on this board.