New to the board, and ttc

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New to the board, and ttc
Sun, 12-12-2010 - 3:12pm

Hello! My name is Ashley!

I used to be on ivillage a while ago when I was pregnant/right after i had my son, Kyle (2 years old). I ditched that profile a couple of years ago, but now that my boyfriend and i have actively decided to start ttc I would start back up!

We are both very ready to have another little one, but actively trying is new to both of us, seeing as how Kyle was a surprise!

I've juuuust started using to chart my bbt and cm and such, but I'm sure i'll need advice otherwise :) I hope ya'll accept me and can't wait to share my journey with you all!

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Sun, 12-12-2010 - 4:50pm

Welcome, I hope

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Sun, 12-12-2010 - 5:21pm

hi & welcome Ashely!

Hope your stay here isnt too long! ;)

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Mon, 12-13-2010 - 1:53pm

Welcome back Ashley!