New here ttc #3

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New here ttc #3
Fri, 02-18-2011 - 3:25pm

Hi, we are currently ttc #3. DS is 9 and DD is 4. I am 35 years old, you know the dreaded age when (according to the experts) everything starts to fall apart. I have

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Fri, 02-18-2011 - 4:33pm

Hi and Welcome to the board!

(love your screen name by the way :smileyvery-happy: )


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Fri, 02-18-2011 - 4:54pm

LOL, welcome to the board!

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Fri, 02-18-2011 - 8:28pm

Welcome, I'm 36 and I know the ghost town feeling. Welcome!


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Sat, 02-19-2011 - 8:13am
I am turning 37 in about 10 days. I had my two kids in my 20s so I wonder how many more aches and pains there will be at this age in pregnancy :)

But all worth it of course! Good luck to you.
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