Returning...hello again!

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Returning...hello again!
Tue, 09-04-2012 - 8:15pm

Hi ladies! I used to frequent this board and TTCAM before conceiving my last child, who is now almost 21 months. We're now ready to start trying for our 4th and final addition. I'm still breastfeeding and just recently started getting my period again, so things are a little out of whack with my cycles, which were never regular to begin with. Considering that information, I'd say I'll probably be here a while...BUT...we're only trying for 2 cycles. I realize that sounds crazy, but I really, really don't want another winter baby (the last two were born in January and December), and we have events in the late summer/fall of next year that I really don't want to be enormously pregnant for. So we're going to give it a shot through September and October, and if it doesn't happen, then we may be done for good, since I'm 35 and not terribly excited about waiting much longer.

So...a couple of questions for you ladies, since I haven't done this in a while. :smileyhappy:

1. What are your favorite ovulation tests? Since I'm pretty irregular, a week's worth doesn't really cover it. A 30-day kit would be better, so what brands can you recommend?

2. We're really hoping for a girl this time if we're lucky enough to get pregnant. I know the man's sperm determines the sex and all, but have any of you had any luck with any methods/diets/positions, etc.? I figure it'll be fun to try and see if it works!

Looking forward to getting to know you ladies!



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Sun, 09-09-2012 - 9:04pm
Target has their own brand of OPK's and they come in a 30 day supply... Last time I was ttc I used some cheap ones off the Internet and they worked good too.