TTC #2

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TTC #2
Sun, 12-30-2012 - 11:48pm

Hey! I'm new here.  My name is Kim and I am 30 years old and my DH is 32 and we have been married for 9 1/2 years, together 10.  I'm a little paranoid and worried more this go round cause when we tried to hve my daughter Kaitlynn it took over a year and I was 23 at the time.  I had been on birth control since I was 19 cause you know how it feels like if u just have a steamy kiss with a guy back then you could pop up pregnant lol.  After we had bee married for about a 1 1/2 I was sso excited to comeWell off the pill and start our family.  I thought just a couple months and boom it would happen.  Well not the case.  My periods were very irregular.  I would go months wihtout a period and then have an extrememly long one.  I coldnt take it anymore it was hard doing opk cause my periods were so crazy and all the bd becaming more of a job and we were really getting down in the dumps.  Well my period came one time and it would not end for about 3 weeks.  I went to the dr and explained how we really wanted a baby and if they could help.  I was so young at the time I really didn't think my gyno could help I thought only fertility clinics and that was pricey.  I was so happy when he said he would be able to help figure out what was off and try to help us.  First came blood work which revealed that I was not ovulating and that was why I wasnt getting regular periods.  He explained that when you are on the pill your body doesn't make estrogen and progestroe and those hormones anymore cause the pill is tricking your body and it doesnt produce those anymore like normal. He said most people when come off the pill body will start after a couple months but sometimes it forgets and never starts back making hormones and sometimes meds will help.  So I started estrogern, clomid, and progestron.  I just knew I would get pregnant right away.  Well wrong.  The first go round I went in on day 14 and had a vaginal ultrasound and there were cysts there indicating impending ovulation.  Got my period that month.  the 2nd time there wasn't any cysts do no ovlation even with meds.  cycle three on 14 day there was a cyst so I got the hcg shot that was suppose to make me ovualate. still got period.  cycle 4 some thing with a shot and was told this was my last round of treatment and he was going to give my body a break for about 6 months and they we would do a laproscop cause he was starting to think I had endometriosis cause my periods were so heavy and I have family histroy.  Oh and during the time too DH took a sample and he checked out ok so it wasn't anything with him .  My dreams were shattered.  Why wasnt we getting pregnant and y did i spend those years taking that stupid pill and stressing about missing one if I waasnt going to be able to have kids.  I felt a lot of anger and frustration.  I told DH that I was giving it one more shot on our own.  I broke out the clearblue easy fertility monitor.  Told him that I was not having sex until it told me to and that when we did we would enjoy it.  No rules no refraining from certain things cause the books say its not baby making friendly.  We were going to have a blast and i it did not happen I wasnt going to worry about trying again until after my laproscopy.  Well we did just that.  And OMG we got PREGNANT!!!  We gave birth to a happy healty baby girl on December 11, 2006.  I went back on the pill for just a short while right after having her but not very long cause it raised my bp and I didnt want it to mess up anythnig.  I have been clockwork since having her. I have never been lide clockwork.  Ever 28-30 days I get my period and they dont last but maybe at most 4 days and hardly any cramping its been wonderful.  I just figured that when I got ready all I had to do was bd it up on that special week and it would be easier.  Well we have been timing sex based on the rhythem method for about 4 months now.  I took that crazy FR Fertility test and both lines were the same color which scared me so my dr on cycle day 3 a couple months ago tested my fsh for me and said everyhting was normal and say no reason I couldnt get pregnant and told me to do opk to see if lh surges are detected.  This is the first cycle we used them.  It detected a surge on dec 18 but coldnt bd until the 19th at night cause of dh work.  plus we had bd prior so there should have been some soldiers already marching in there.  I am 2 days away or almost 1.  i am scheduled to start on 01/01 and I am hoping that I get a bfp to ring in my new year.  Even though I had been pregnant before I dont remember really feeling pregnat. I had upset stomach and i remember being a little nausous in the moring but I was a week late cause back then i wasnt regular and I wasnt anticiating a period like I am now.   Ever month I swear Im nausous and i end up starting lol I do know this month I am very tired and I pee like crazy even waking up a coupe times at night and I never wake up to pee and the night before last i got up at 11 and made peanjut butter balls cause nothing else I had sounded any good.  Probably wishful thinking but I hope I get a BFP and if I dont' I plan on charting again which I hate cause Its hard sometimes to remember to grab that thememtor when you first open your eyes.  So heres my introdction lol Good luck to all of you and please keep fingers crossed that I wont have such a hard time this go round as I did the first.  Thanks

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Hi Kim, it's great to have you here!  I really hope that this time will be much easier for you since your body seems to be more regular.  Please keep us posted, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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Welcome!  It sounds like you had quite a time with dd.  All worth it in the end, but I hope this time around is much easier for you. :) I am ttc #2 as well.  DS is 5 1/2. He was easy - only three months coming off nuvaring.  Now I'm 14 months off nuvaring, and still nada.  Might start clomid next cycle.

Good luck to you! And welcome again :) It's good to have you here.