ttc, first, lingo?

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ttc, first, lingo?
Thu, 08-02-2012 - 2:56pm
Hi there, I'm pretty new here and I've posted once but reading through some posts, it's like a foreign language. So is there anyone who could please help me with the lingo? Thanks.

Also, I guess I'm here to reach out because my partner and I haven't told anyone we're close to that we're ttc. I would love some support, but we feel that reaching out to people we know before we are pregnant could possibly bring about some negativity and we don't want to deal with that. We are happy in our choice and feel that we have a great environment to bring a new child into, so we aren't saying anything to our families until there is no basis for discouragement.
That being said, I am not one to keep things quiet, I need much more encouragement than my partner seems to need, do here I am reaching out to people I don't know!