Type II diabetic and TTC

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Type II diabetic and TTC
Sat, 09-03-2011 - 4:34pm

Hello Everyone!

I am type II diabetic and TTC. I have been diabetic since 2002/2003 and was most recently control with oral medications. My last HA1C was 8.1 so my PCP decided it was time to start me on insulin. I am also recently married and we are now ready to start having our family. When I was first diagnosed, I was informed that I would need to start insulin prior to getting pregnant because its better for the baby and self. So I am totally ok with being on insulin but what I am not ok with right now are my BS readings. Every since I have been switched to insulin my BS has been running high. My PCP started me on Lantus and I am currently using 32 units at bedtime. I do try to exercise about 30 to 40 minutes daily. I know that my HA1C is elevated because I have put on some weight since we were married and I working on getting that off. I also take metformin 1000mg twice daily. I honestly dont think I am enough to control my BS. I have talked with a diabetic educater and she felt the same way but my PCP does not want to any other medication or even change me over to a more safe insulin for pregnancy. I am kind of fusterated because I am 31 and not getting any younger and I am so ready to start my family. The diabetic educator and dietiacian thought maybe I could get my HA1C down to where they like for pregnancy in 3 months. I have been on the Lantus since mid-July and I dont think I made it. I have labs coming up at the end of month, I know I will have to wait and see but my BS reading have been high so I dont think I will there. My fasting BS (first thing am) is anywhere from 200 to 150 and durning the day it can go up to 240 (2 hours post meals) I know that is not good. I am watching my carbs, only eating about 3 for meals and 1 for snacks. I did talk to my GYN doctor (he used to specialize in high risk pregnancy) he suggested I start insulin that is used 3 times a day but once again my PCP did not like that suggestion. Does any one have any other suggestions on ways to get my BS down quicker? It seems like everything I do spikes my sugar. I want to wait until my numbers are good for the health of my baby.

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Tue, 09-06-2011 - 3:47pm
Have you thought about switching to a different PCP? It doesn't sound like you are comfortable with his course of treatment.

I wanted to let you know that we have a Pregnant & Diabetic board, even though you aren't pregnant yet the members might have some suggestions for you: http://forums.ivillage.com/ivillage/?category.id=iv-pppgdiabetic

We also have a Diabetes board on our Health channel: http://forums.ivillage.com/t5/Diabetes/ct-p/iv-bhgendiabete

It doesn't hurt to get as much advice as possible!