Unofficially "officially" TTC #6 LOL but shhhhhh

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Unofficially "officially" TTC #6 LOL but shhhhhh
Mon, 10-11-2010 - 12:12pm

I seem so wishy washy, huh?

Well I had my IUD removed for several reasons, but not really to TTC right away - just some point in the future. However I've been getting the major baby bug lately and I just dont think I want to wait.

So I guess Dh and I are unofficially officially TTC. We are not preventing at all but we're not like DTD with a purpose. ;) I am charting though, for you know, just in case I need the info -whether to use FAM or TTC. ;)

I'm only 1.5 weeks off Mirena so I really don't want to DTD and risk a PG so soon - not because I wouldn't welcome it, but because I worry about my uterine lining not being thick enough still and causing a m/c. :( I wanted to wait at least a month before unprotected BD'ing. BUT we did it anyway last night. More then likely it will be still too soon after getting my Mirena out though to risk PG. Hopefully!

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Hi Bethany!

hee hee! I need a new siggy!