What's your New Years TTC goal or resolution?

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What's your New Years TTC goal or resolution?
Fri, 01-04-2013 - 12:06pm


I wanted to start a new years ttc check-in thread as it appears that a few beautiful ladies got their bfp in the last month or two. So what is your new years ttc goals or resolutions?

Name: Cat (your community leader)

Age: 32 and dh 33

How long ttc? 6+ months easy. I really am trying to ttc diferently that with DD. With dd it was just too stressful on DH and I. I tend to over stress about things. Christmas stress left me a wreck!! So I'm just trying to take 'er easy and not obsess. It took a long time to come to an agreement with dh to try again because he doesnt want all that stress that comes with ttc. I may start taking my bbt again soon but not sure when. finances are a bit rocky.

Any [fur]babies? DD-4 and an old kitty and older doggy

Your TTC goals? get fianances straight again so I can ttc without feeling like im being very irresponsable. To get though the crazy trips we have planned in the next 3 months fiscally alive and well so I can get serious wtih ttc. Its peaks and valleys when it comes to our seriuosness of ttc and I'm ready beacuse that window of my DD and another child being close in age is slowly closing!

Your new years resolution: To be more observant. less impulsive in my actions. I'm already finding this dificult to do. I am a speak my mind with no recourse kind of girl and this has got me into trouble my whole life. and now as an adult I am realizing the damage it can do!

I would love to hear about you ladies!!

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I'm Brooke,35. Dh just turned 37. We are ttc 2 for 14 months now. Ds is 5.5 and only took 3 cycles. Might try clomid next cycle. Two doggies, one 15yr old cat. Ttc goals: to relax and not let life pass by just because of ttc. NY resolution: to listen more, to let myself relax more, get of of all debt and build savings, enjoy my family :) oh yeah, and get knocked up!!


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Name: Jessi

Age: 31 - turning 32 this month! DH 31

How long ttc? 2 months. Kind of surprised it's taking some time (naive I know!) 

Any [fur]babies? 3 cats; 1 older (10) and a bro/sis approx 3

Your TTC goals? Would like to make it happen and not turn into a chore or a stress point. We waited and waitied until we were stable, bought a house, did a few DINK things (double income no kids). 

Your new years resolution: Read more and keep up with current events. Try to do more outside of work besides watch TV

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hi Jessi

Its nice to meet you! And welcome