6 days late... but not sure!

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6 days late... but not sure!
Sun, 08-05-2012 - 10:49pm

Hi yall!  I am not new to TTC, but hardly ever post on here...  We have been TTC for about 2 years, however I have only had about 7 normal length cycles; they started in December at 35 days and have gone down to 30 days last month.  Now I am about 6 days late (compared to last month).  I do chart my temps and cm on fertility friend, well... about 3 weeks ago we went out of town and was unable to temp on those days-forgot my thermometer!  One of those days should have been my ovulation days based on lower temps, cm, and ovulation-type cramps. 

The next week I started to take Folic Acid and for the past 5 days I have been constipated and really tired throughout the day, but I read that folic acid does not cause any symptoms, including messing with your cycle... ?

Fertility Friend says that I ovulated on CD 30 based on temps and that next AF is predicted to arrive on Friday, the 10th, which would make this cycle 41 days. 

I'm trying to not stress about being late and not focus on what it could or could not mean... but tomorrow I am scheduled to a have an adjustment on my Lab Band which requires an x-ray.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments or past experiences, or anything I would appreciate it!  I will try to attach a link for my FF temp chart.  Thanks again!