average bbt temps-but what time is it based on?!

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average bbt temps-but what time is it based on?!
Sun, 03-17-2013 - 10:34am

When they say 'average' bbt is 97.2-97.6 and 97.5-99 post-o, what time are they basing this on?

People have different wake times, and your temp slowly increases while sleeping. someone who naturally wakes up at 5am will have a lower temp then someone who naturally wakes up at 8am.

I'm worried I have low bbt because it's below 97 pre-o and barely goes above 97.5 post-o. but maybe im just temping too early?

I try to temp at 5:30a.m. and consistently get low bbt, but maybe if i move my temp time at least an hour or later, i'd be temping at the 'normal' levels. 

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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 9:22pm
A person who wakes up a 5 would not necessarily have lower temps than someone who wakes up at 8. You take the temp first thing when you wake up, whatever time that is, consistently. Some people have a body temp that is lower than the average. My average for the past two months has been 96.8
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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 1:12pm

I don't believe it's important what time you wake up, as long as you have a solid 3-4 hours of sleep beforehand. Charting is really about comparing your own temps and what they do, it's hard to compare how your body works to someone else. If you get up and move around before temping, than your BBT would be off. Do you normally wake up at 5:30am or wake yourself up?