Back on CD1 now... gonna had temp charting to the mix this month - any advice?

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Back on CD1 now... gonna had temp charting to the mix this month - any advice?
Tue, 08-28-2012 - 4:36pm

I remember from when I charted temp for getting pg with my oldest I was supposed to temp first thing when I wake up and not move much or get out of bed until a temperature had been taken.  I imagine taking it rectally is more accurate than oral but I'm not a huge fan... is that still the case?  I think I'm also supposed to try to take it at the same time of day.

Just wondering if this is still the standard (since I'm going to start tomorrow and today's AF start was a bit of a surprise timing wise) and would I record from CD 2 onward then if I only temp tomorrow?

Thanks if anyone has any advice!

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Everything you said is correct (except the rectal thing....I've never heard of that).  I have heard of vaginal temping if oral isn't working for you, but not rectal......

For temping:

First thing when you wake up (before getting up or moving too much) and after at least 4 hrs of sleep

Same time (or within 20 minutes) every day


I did this for DD and my current pregnancy and loved it.  Especially after O so I could watch for an implantation dip (which I had with both PGs).  Good luck!!!

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Mostly I've heard of women taking it orally, although some women have tried vaginally. As long as you are using a basal body thermometer, orally is the way to go.

The PP did a great job answering your questions, I just wanted to pass on some additional information:

BBT Information:

How to Take Your BBT:

We also have a very knowledgeable CL on the Fertility Charting topic page, she'd be glad to answer any questions you might have: