blood when I wipe just 16 days since period

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blood when I wipe just 16 days since period
Wed, 02-19-2014 - 12:52pm

Okay so my periods have been weird lately... anywhere from 32-48 days. I have always had normal periods until my last child born 9/10/11.  My husband and I have now been actively trying to get pregnant for 7 months now and have not been preventing for a year.  I finally broke down and bought an ovulation predictor kit last week and have been testing.  There was only the control line the first 3 days, but yesterday and today the lines and show up and todays was darker then yesterdays.  Well last night I noticed when wiping after sex that there was some pink mucus.  Then this morning there was full on blood when wiping each time I go to the bathroom.  Could I be getting my period again, just 16 days since my last period or is this something I should be concerned about.  Would the LH hormone be showing up while on my period.  I so want to be pregnant so bad, and want to know what is going on and can't get into the doctor til next week.

Took a pregnany test and it was negative.. just fyi

The blood picture is after i had wipes a good amount of brown blood first and then went to the bathroom again 3o min later

the ovulation test are from yesterday (top) and today (bottom)

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