Borderline HCG?

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Borderline HCG?
Tue, 07-16-2013 - 10:04pm

Hi all- 

Really worried/confused about the results of my blood HCG test. So I got tested when I was only 8 DPO, which I realize now was probably too early to get tested for any sign of HCG- but I had an appointment, so I figured while I was there I may as well. Mind you, before this, I had that "gut feeling" I was pregnant...this wasn't a planned pregnancy, but intuition struck...followed by bloating, weird taste in my mouth, excessive drooling at night (strange), fatigue, and extreme all have hit me at 12 DPO. 

So, here's the issue....Sunday night I check the results of my blood test: "<6 Non-pregnant, <6: BORDERLINE"

So what exactly does Borderline HCG mean? My doctor said I am negative based on their 0-6 score but other hospitals use 5, I assumed this meant I was between 5-6? Anyone have any insight? Is there still a chance for me to be pregnant? I'm also concerned if I'm not why I would even have a slightly elevated HCG level?

Just hoping to here of some people out there that tested "Borderline" and had a good outcome.

Thank you ladies!

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Wed, 07-17-2013 - 11:22am

Hi there,

A friend of mine had a very similar experience.  She was in for a regular check-up as well, and had them do the blood work, just in case.  It came back negative.  In fact, the nurse over the phone told her that there was no way she could be pregnant.

However, she started having many symptoms and took a HPT about a week later.  Low and behold, it was positive.  She took about 4 more tests just to make sure.  Over a year later, she has a bouncing baby boy.

I suggest waiting a few days and taking a HPT.  Let me know what you find out!