Caffeine & TTC

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Caffeine & TTC
Tue, 01-31-2012 - 1:54pm

An article in the NY Times says that even though caffeine can alter estrogen levels, it would have little effect on ovulation:

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Sun, 02-12-2012 - 7:37am
No, I haven't given up caffeine. I still have 2 cups of coffee in the morning. If I get a BFP, that will be reduced to one cup of decaf per day and maybe some chocolate. I love chocolate too much.

The findings are interesting in that they point out differences in how caffeine affects various ethnic groups of women. But I, honestly, never worried about caffeine during pre-conception. So many women have been drinking coffee throughout the world for ages now and if there were some kind of significant effects on fertility, one would think it would have come up by now without a formal study being needed. That was my thinking anyway.

Thanks for posting. Interesting.
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