Can I come back and play a while?? (m)

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Can I come back and play a while?? (m)
Sun, 04-13-2003 - 4:55pm
Dh & I decided this morning to start back ttc!! I was very active on this board a few months ago. I've lurked on all of you since so please forgive me if I post to you like I've known you for years. Here's a little intro for those of you who don't remember me!

My name is Shannon(26) & dh is Joe(29). We've been married 7 yrs. We started ttc in 1998 with no luck. I have always had awful periods. Last year it became worse. I went to the dr and I had a cyst. He put me on bcp's for 3 mths and when I went back to him for my 3 mth check up, I told him that the pain seemed to still be there. We decided to do a lap. He found endo and some adhesions and a blocked right tube. He burned the endo & adhesions and shoved some fluid through my tube and cleared it out. I bled for 4 wks after and then we started on clomid. I took it for 3 mths with HCG injections and regular ultrasounds. Still no baby. When I went in for my month 4 day 3 u/s there was a large cyst still there and he did not want to do the clomid again for a while. So there I was, on 2 rest cycles, in almost constant pain and I was fed up. Dh and I decided to go back on the bcp's for a few months so maybe I could get some relief for a while. Well, that was a flop to. I spotted off & on with the bcp's and in the 2nd mth, 3rd wk I started my period. Whats up with that? (I made extra sure I took my pills at the same time every night before I went to bed and I never skipped any)

So now, here I am on cd4 on our 1st cycle back ttc. We decided to just go with the flow and hope for a miracle baby! Dh has decided to join the National Guards so he will be leaving in June or so. We have 2 mths and if I don't get pg, I'm going back on bcp's until he returns about 6 mths later.

If you don't mind, I will probably join in on the Sisters of Irregularity since I have no clue what this cycle may bring!

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!


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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 5:17pm
Aw Shannon, I am so glad that you get a chance to try. I hope you get that little one soon and I am sure you will enjoy stressing with all of us. GL girl and enjoy the sisters!!!!


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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 5:25pm

Welcome back! I certainly remember you and am sorry about how difficult your ttc journey has been so far. As I sister, I am selfishly very happy to have you in our group, even though I am always sorry that such nice people have to deal with such difficult cycle issues.

I hope your stay here is short and sweet.

E, 32, ttc#2 month 6 C5

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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 3:28am
Shannon, I'm so glad you're rejoining us! We've missed you. It'll be so nice to have you around again, esp. by us there in the Sisters. What a nice addition to a fun group! I hope your stay is shorter than you think--GL!



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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 7:26am
SHANNON!!! It's so nice to "see" you again! I, too, am still trying-hopefully not for much longer!! I also have been lurking on this board since the change, I still get confused from it. I'm glad you and Joe are TTC again! I hope all the pain you've been going through leads you right to your BFP!! Once again, I'm glad you're back!!
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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 8:23am
Welcome back, Shannon! Gosh, I am so sorry to read of your troubles - and you are only 26! I'm glad you started ttc relatively early so that you found all this out before you were 30. It sounds like you have a good doctor, aggressive enough to nail down the problem. That's great your husband is joining up - tell him thank you - and thanks to you as well for making the sacrifice! I wish there was something else you could do besides going on bcps, but if that's what helps the cysts, then you've gotta do what you've gotta do. Take care of yourself and the Irregular Sisters are an AWESOME group. So knowledgeable and kind-hearted and full of support. Take care and good luck. Here's some baby dust for the next few months before he leaves! ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Eone, twins due 11/14

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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 10:24am
OHHHH Shan. Happy to see you back ......Welcome back to the board and I hope all goes well this time around.......