The case of the disappearing BFP! :(

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The case of the disappearing BFP! :(
Sat, 12-01-2012 - 10:02am

I got impatient and finally broke down and took a pregnancy test being one full week late. CVS brand. Within the first minute, i could see a very faint BFP-- was this finally it?! BUT since you have to wait until after 3 minutes to read it, i slowly watched that faint BFP turn into a big fat BFN! :(

If you look at the test now, there is no plus sign - but you can see that there is a dark spot on the control line (where the other line would have crossed it). Which means SOMETHING had to have made it darker...

That had never happened before. After the tons of tests i had taken, it generally just went straight to BFN. I'm thinking the test was faulty. FUN for me. Why can't any part of this TTC be easy!? Nothing is easy in my life. It's so frustrating. There always has to be SOMETHING stupid that happens. Been trying for over a year. Two months ago - my AF didn't show up so hey, maybe i was pregnant - nope! I had an an-ovulation cycle. This month, my breasts are sore which means i ovulated (or at least attempted to) and I'm a week late -- to anyone else, that would mean PREGNANT. But nope, not me. So I either had an unsuccessful O or I O'd late and will get my AF any day. yeah. fun for me.

Stupid tests - I've never ever had a false positive, and the month when I can FEEL this is it - i get a positive that disappeared! What else can go wrong! :(

I dont know - I'm about to give up. I'll take another test tomorrow morning to see, but if it's another BFN, that means I have to make an appt to see the doctor and start a million tests to try to figure out why I'm not getting pregnant - boy, that's gonna be fun. GREAT, I'm broken. Not only will the emotional roller coaster continue, NOW my bank account gets to suffer from it.

I just can't understand why a faint line would show up and then disappear? I mean, I guess it happens, but are false positives really THAT common?


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Sat, 12-01-2012 - 10:48am
Keep your head up. It was probably just a bad test or you may not have enough hormone to detect. Test again you never know. Hugs to you.
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Wed, 12-05-2012 - 9:23am
Hello, take First Response (the early detectionones) test. They are the best. And let us know :)
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Wed, 12-05-2012 - 11:28am

5 more days, still no AF. It is now at least 11 days late (or 13 days late due to spotting 2 days before light flow). It felt like AF would come Mon-Tues as lower back was hurting/cramps. Cervix was also very hard. Also had white creamy discharge past few days. My breasts have been sore since before Thanksgiving. Usually if I Od, they are sore up until AF- usually one week they are sore - sometimes up to 2 weeks. So now they are going on almost 3 weeks - i guess they will be sore until AF decides to show up. :(

Even if I O'd late, once my breasts start aching i would assume i ovulated - so it's been 3 weeks they are sore. The luteal phase is generally 14 days - so i should have had my AF by now, even if O was late!?

Last time when i had an-ovulatory cycle, my breasts were never sore until i finally ovulated. So this time, if it is another an-ovulatory cycle, it's strange why my breasts would be sore then. Frown

Obviously i must have O'd or had a failed O if my breasts are sore-- i just don't know how long they would stay sore for!

I wouldn think at some point my hormone levels would go back to normal - AF or not.?

It's just very depressing and frustrating that my body would--once again-- would have an an-ovulatory cycle and screw with me! I JUST went through this in October! I was hoping the next time my AF didn't come- i would be PREGNANT, not have another missed period! Cry

IF my AF does not show up by this weekend I'll probably take another test, just to torture myself-- then i will have to call my doctor and figure out what steps are next. Cry

And if i were pregnant, i'd be like 6 weeks and would be having tons of symptoms by now-- which i don't so it just makes me think i have yet another late AF Frown

I know when it finally shows up, it will be really hard to keep my composure.

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Fri, 12-07-2012 - 9:23am

No AF yet, but not looking good. I feel it coming so probably will get it today.

I have a hard time BBT charting because I tend to wake up a few times during the night, so it could throw my bbt off when i finally want to wake up. But on occassion when I get a full nights' rest and wake up on time, I take my temp.

The other day it was 97.2. Today it was 97.13. Frown

Not quite sure of what my baseline is, but it certainly is not high, and if I were pregant it prob. would be somewhere above 97.5 at least.

So low temp, sore breasts, no pg symptoms-- one of these days soon my AF should be coming.

I was supposed to O week of Nov 4. I did notice some possible ewcm Nov 20, which I thought might just be my normal cycling before AF. Say if I actually O'd late, O'd the week of Nov 18 (which I think is the week my breasts did start to ache), that means my AF would move from being due around Nov 22 (which would make me about 2 weeks late), to now being due anywhere from yesterday and on.

I'm thinking this last timing is right. It still doesn't tell me why I ovulated two weeks late (again) Cry

So I'm not even going to bother taking a pg test as planned tomorrow - I'll just wait for AF to come because now seeing a very low BBT on top of no other symptoms besides sore breasts (which I always get before AF) there's no point in testing. I can't be pregnant with such a low bbt.

I have had some irregular cycles in the past, but it went back to normal. Now all of a sudden, it's breaking down again. It's been over a year TTC, so now I have to get the doctors involved. yeah. fun. cant wait to hear what they have to say. Cry