Cm or opk's which is more reliable

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Cm or opk's which is more reliable
Thu, 10-13-2011 - 12:10pm

I just have a question about opk's. I had EWCM on oct 4th,5th and got a postive opk on the 7th. Which is more accurate on when I o'd. Im just confused when to start counting my dpo. Ive been counting dpo as saturday the day after my positive opk or is having EWCM a more accurate way to tell Im ovulating. Also I have the first response early tests and Im not sure when to test? They say 6 days b4 your period and my period is due the 20th cause its been cd25 lately so do I go by that or my dpo? If I go by 6 days b4 my period I would be 7dpo. Im very impatient! =)Thanks and this is my 1st time posting on here=)

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Thu, 10-13-2011 - 12:24pm
Welcome! It's normal to have ewcm BEFORE you O, so it's totally normal to get the positive opk after. Often times, the cm dries up the day you O or the next day. I'd count the day after the positive opk as O day. If you count O as Saturday, then Sunday is 1dpo & today (Thursday) is 5dpo.

The earliest you can test & hope for a bfp is 10dpo, even with the early tests. Getting a positive depends on when implantation occurs & it can range from 5-10dpo & it takes a few days after implantation to produce enough hcg to be registrable on a test.

Hope that helps! Good luck