CM/OPK, which is more reliable? Pls Hlp!

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CM/OPK, which is more reliable? Pls Hlp!
Thu, 04-10-2003 - 2:50pm
I hope one or 5 :) of you wonderful ladies can give me some insight.

I am currently on CD13 of a 24 day cycle. On CD7 and CD8 I got a -- OPK. On CD9 and CD10 I got a ++ OPK. On CD11 I again got a -- OPK.

Today I have tons of EWCM...?? I usually get my EWCM on or around CD9 which would make sense if I O around day 10 or 11.

Any ideas? I know sometimes you get two batches of the EWCM but has never happened to me. Which do you think is a better indication of O??

Am not charting as it stresses DH no help there



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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 3:38pm
I'd go by cm. Your body can start to o (giving you a + opk) and then change it's mind. So I'd definitely pay attention to your cm when it's that close to the opk's +. In addition, o can occur up to 36 hrs after the + opk so you could just be hitting it right!