Confused about IUD removed over a month and no AF

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Confused about IUD removed over a month and no AF
Tue, 09-11-2012 - 5:30pm

I am so feeling some disgust towards DH .. long story short... I was expecting AF on the 9th .. I have been having cramps and everytime I go to the bathroom .. I expect to see RED...  So yesterday I call the office where I got the IUD removed and they say to wait 2wks and take HPT .. and if its negative to wait  2 more weeks then call them to schedule and appt needless to say I'm curious to know well if I am or not .. I take a HPT Clearblue +/-  and there is a very faint line .. I could not believe my eyes.. my heart starts racing and I can feel that I am getting hot and my body starts to tingle.. I am not sure what to think.. I want to get excited but I dont want to get disappointed.. So I wait a couplr of hours and retest with a EPT +/-  says BFN.. then I retest with a Dollar Tree HPT and it also says BFN..  I get online and start researching.. still not getting my hopes up.. because it could just be an evap line .. :smileysad: ..  So this morning I call my family doctor and ask if its expected not to have AF since it has been 33 days since I had my IUD removed.. he asks me to come in ASAP .. to get tested and see if I am prego.. or see what else can be going on.,... SO this is what is bothering me.. I call DH and tell him that I have an appt @ 10:30am this thursday and asked him if he would like to go with .. he said he would have to check with work.. I hear his tone of voice change.. so I ask .. Whats wrong? and if he is ok? and what he thought? he says I can't say that you are over reacting because I dont know how you feel but it may be just that you are over stressed about it.. I dont feel that I am stressed.. I dont know what to think .. I just dont like him right now.. ;(

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Thu, 09-13-2012 - 2:14pm

hello!! i know-men...they can be such pains!! i stopped talking about ttc and dates with mine cuz he didnt want to get excited to be disappointed. anyway, i know that clearblue easy tests are not accurate. i dont want to rain on your parade but ive heard they can be notoriously wrong. i guess all the tests that use blue dye can be wrong...something in the dye...BUT that being said, i am pregnant-and my test had blue dye. it was part of a 3 pack-i had taken 2 of the tests before (in the months prior when i was late)-and those 2 were negative and i was definitely not pregnant those 2 times. but with this one-it didnt even take a minute-it was there-clear, bold-not faint at all. i was on the depo shot for 5 years before we decided to ttc. i got off the shot and it still took 2 months before my period showed up...i was supposed to get the next shot in january of 2010-and i didnt. aunt flo didnt show unttil the end of march 2010...i know that iuds use hormones like the depo shot-so im wondering if maybe your body hasnt gotten all the stuff out of it yet...i also know-it may take a minute before you get pregnant. we werent really ttc until last december-we started charting and plotting and everything else-and it still took us 5 months to get it "right". so if youre not pregnant yet, hang in there!! it will happen when its meant to:smileyhappy: