Crazy TTC adventure & help w/ chart ?

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Crazy TTC adventure & help w/ chart ?
Wed, 04-02-2003 - 9:40am
Okay well I thought I O'd last Thurs. since I had a + OPK and then a temp rise on Friday Sat. sun. well Monday-Tuesday temps were lower and so I checked CP yesterday and it was soft and sorta high and I thought I may be seeing some EWCM so I called up DH(who is in the military and stationed 80 miles from me) I said can I come up and spend the night HEHE so I leave here at 8pm and he gets off work at 10pm and we get the pack n play up and DS settled down and we BD and then what do you know but DS is awake and won't go to sleep. Finally at 12pm I decided we needed to drive back home. DH had a PT test at 6:30 and he needed some sleep and so we came home. DS didn't sleep a wink the whole trip home. This was over an hour in the car at 12-1am in the morning. I couldn't believe it. So I went up there to BD and come home. Oh the thing we do to TTC. Can someone look at my chart and see what you think. I am so confused. My temp was up this am some, but I also felt the O pains yesterday, but could this have been the cycst on the ovary from where the egg comes out? I forget the name of it. Can't this cause some aching too? I really felt good about the timing if I O'd on Thursday since we BDd 9am Thursday morn. and I had the + OPK about 12noon so now I don't know if I just tried to O then and didn't and now I O'd yesterday or what. The last two days where the temps were on the coverline I had taken them early and adjusted them so they were really 97.5 at 6am one day and 97.3 at 5am on the other day. I normally temp at 7am so I adjusted them .1 for each half hour. These are sort of low post O temps for me. UGH why am I obsessing already?!? Any help, input, calming vibes, etc. would be helpful. Thanks ladies.


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Wed, 04-02-2003 - 11:37am
Kids do make ttc so much more challenging. I am sure he knew you were up to something no-good, like causing him to loose his special place in the universe. LOL

Sorry, I can't help you with charting q. Hope you caught the eggie in time.

Good luck,