DH's Sperm Analysis Results...Someone pl

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DH's Sperm Analysis Results...Someone pl
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 10:17am
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP EXPLAIN THIS: Here goes (detailed and long)

GROSS EXAMINATION: physical characteristics: Approx. 3 cc's of highly viscid, white coagulum w/ a distinct musky odor.

Coagulation & liquefaction: Within 20 mins, the specimen is liquified to a semitranslucent to turbid viscous fluid.

Viscosity: the viscosity did not appear to be increased.


Sperm Ct: the sperm count ranged from 14.6-16.2 million per mL.

Motility: Approx. 50% of the sperm are motile. The motility is graded, varying from Grade III (good activity w/ tail movements visualized) to grade IV (Full activity w/ tail movements difficult to visualize).

Sperm Morphology: The semen demonstrated an estimated 40% abnormal forms (normal semen demonstrates less than 30%). The abnormal forms are characterized by head defects (amorphous heads and pinheads), head and tail defects (double tails and double heads), neck/mid piece defect (bent). It is also noted that there is a moderate amount of debris present in the background (? artifact).


The semen demonstrated normal volume with normal liquefaction and normal viscosity. However, the sperm count is low, with only half of the sperm motile. The motile sperm however demonstrate excellent motility. The sperm morphology demonstrates an increase in abnormal forms.

Blah Blah Blah...then it recommends examining three to four specimens over a period of two to three mos. &/or seeing a urologist for a consultation.

Can someone help me understand this. The nurse said it is not impossible for me to get PG but that this is probably the reason for taking this long....HELP!

Sheree--TTC#2 for over a year now!

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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 11:22am
Hi, Sheree! I can't really help too much....never had a S/A and never seen the results before. This was very interesting to read though, thank-you for posting it all! Now I know what to expect when the time comes!

Just a laymans view on it...looks like a mediocre report. Not great but not aweful. You can still get pg without help, but maybe take some measures to try to increase quality and quantity....I'll see if I can find a site for you.

(((HUGS))) I hope one of them got through anyway!!!


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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 11:27am
Hi Sheree! I'll have a go at this. It sounds like the lab did a pretty thorough analysis. Was it done through an RE (reproductive endocrinoglist) lab?

From what I can assess, the volume is okay and the count is a bit low. Your numbers were 14-16 million/mL, and they like to see greater than 20 million/mL. The motility (how well the sperm move) was low in that only 50% were motile (I believe they like to see around 65%) But, it was pointed out that the swimmers that were motile were "excellent", which is a good sign. The morphology (shape of the sperm) was a bit higher with abnormal forms at 40%. The descriptions of the abnormal forms are pretty standard, I saw the same on my DH's analysis.

Sweetie, overall I think these results are not bad. My DH's first analysis at a hospital lab said less than 1 million/mL. The second SA at an RE office said 16 million/mL, just like your DH. We are now PG with that count!

My advice ... get yourself and your DH over to a good urologist's office. They will walk you through the process and most likely will want another sample from DH. From what I recall, your DH only abstained for two days, right? Try three days this time. The urologist will recommend the best lab to perform the analysis. Ours did not take our insurance so we paid $50 out of pocket, but it was worth it to go to the better lab. If the second count indicates there is a problem, they will investigate if there are any physical or hormonal issues behind it. Your DH can also take vitamins, or a supplement called "Proxeed" which is supposed to help increase the count. Be prepared, though, that the Proxeed is around $100 a month and will not likely be covered by insurance.

GL to you, and keep us updated!


Mary Beth

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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 11:50am
Thank you ladies so much! And thanks for all your input Mary Beth! It makes me feel a lot better and I told DH too that hopefully I am pg and we really won't have to worry about it for a while. Unless of course we want more kids later on! I don't know! It was not done by an RE however, just a pathologist at the lab in the hospital. The funny thing is, there are only 2 urologists here in our town and his mother works at the best one! LOL! I don't think we'll be going there! Thanks for sharing your story though and I am so thrilled about your PG! Thanks again for responding! It makes me feel much better!


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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 4:49pm
I'm glad I could help, Sheree! Could you try a urologist in a neighboring town? I think you may find it is worth it.

Otherwise, perhaps you could have DH take the vitamin regime that was suggested to us. It's all over the counter, and I don't believe it would be harmful to try. They suggested a daily multivitamin, plus 500mg Vitamin C, and 400 iu of Vitamin E. I was posting a bit on the male factor board, and several of those ladies swear that the vitamins have helped their DH's count.

Also, I believe Proxeed has a website (perhaps www.proxeed.com). Our urologist said they have had excellent results with it, and it is also available w/o a prescription. It is expensive, though.

Good luck, hon!

Mary Beth