Did you get a flu shot?

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Did you get a flu shot?
Mon, 11-12-2012 - 3:32pm

Today Show reported on a new study that fevers during pregnancy can increase your chance of having a child that is autistic: 

Doctors trying to find some of the causes of autism put another piece into the puzzle on Monday: They found women who had flu while they were pregnant were twice as likely to have a child later diagnosed with autism. Those who had a fever lasting a week or longer -- perhaps caused by flu or maybe by something else -- were three times as likely to have an autistic child.


On the corresponding video, Dr. Nancy Snyderdmen suggests that women who are just TTC get the flu shot as well so that you are protected when you get pregnant.  Did/are you going to get a flu shot this year?   Does this new information tend to rethink your decision if you weren't going to get one?