Femara stories? Success?

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Femara stories? Success?
Fri, 08-05-2011 - 10:57pm

Hello, I am active on the TTCAM board but wanted to come to the bigger TTC board and see if there were more stories out there with you girls and this drug. I have tried 4 months on 100 mg clomid, nothing, then 2 IUI cycles with 100 mg clomid, still nothing, now my RE has me on Femara, 5mg CD5-9, I am on CD7 right now and will have my 3rd IUI next week sometime, I am really hoping and praying we can get our BFP, we don't have much time at our age. Thanks! :smileyhappy:

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Sat, 08-06-2011 - 12:53am

I have PCOS and took Femara with Injectibles and was overly successful, produced 10 mature follicles!!My IUI got cancelled and we were strictly told not to have intercourse.We had

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Sat, 08-06-2011 - 3:07pm
No personal experience but I wanted to wish you well next week! Fx'd for a super sticky bfp :)