first time ttc

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first time ttc
Wed, 07-18-2012 - 11:41am
When I was 18, my high school sweetheart and I discovered that, Surprise!!! We were pregnant. It was not an ideal time, and we had conceived while on the pill, so we were not at all financially prepared. I took a second job to save money for the added expenses and he took odd jobs. We worked hard and did not have much time to process, and had just become accustomed to the thought of a new baby when at about four months, I miscarried. I was devastated, and he was not at all supportive. It ended the relationship.

Now, at 23, I have found the man of my dreams, and we have a happy home together. We have talked often about starting a family, and this week, he asked me to go off the pill so we could finally realize that dream. I am ecstatic, but I am also terrified. I don't know where to start, what to do to properly take care of myself so that I can get pregnant (hopefully soon!) and keep this baby "safe." The idea of trying to become a mother is everything I've ever wanted, but I am so scared that things will turn out the same way twice, that it was my fault the first time, that I will miscarry again.

My question is, what do I do? Should I make a pre-conception appointment with my doctor? Should I change my diet? What habits do I have that can hurt my chances of a safe pregnancy? I am already a reasonably healthy eater, I don't smoke or do drugs, I get lots of sleep, and my home and work life are very stable. I have also started taking a daily multivitamin and fish oil, as well as folic acid. Any advice helps!