getting pregnant after the pill

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getting pregnant after the pill
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 7:00am
My Dh and I have a debate about getting pregnant after getting off the pill.

He believes that when we decide to get pregnant we will need to wait 6 months while using condoms "In order so that my system will be cleaned out totally and will be very healthy to recieve the baby" Now I have been on the pill for 5 years and we are not going to try yet for a baby, but want to within about a year. My opinion is that the uterus is very healthy in itself right after getting off the pill and that there is no need to wait. My DH doesnt believe me when I tell him that hormones from the pill leave your body in about 2 days. (I mean how else are you going to get your period?)

So I need to know who is right in this, and what really is the truth. I would like to know of a website that I can show to my DH that he can read about this.

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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 7:48am
Ammy, I don't have a website for you, but my cousin just got pg. right after coming off the pill. She told her Dr. the same thoughts your DH has, and her Dr. replied with what you believe - it only takes a couple of days for the pill to really get out of your system. I think the whole wait for some is how well their body actually adjusts after the pill. Some people may not O right away, and things like that, however, it is very possible to conceive, heathily (ok, so that's not a word, but you get the point), right after coming off the pill. My best to you.
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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 7:54am
hi! I too am planning on TTC here pretty soon and I just got off the BC pill, Ortho-Tricyclen. Frome everywhere I've read, and from all I've heard - it suggest to wait 1-3 months before TTC after stopping the pill. Personally, I am waiting two months. (Stopped my pills over a week ago...hope to start TTC in June)

And I'm not sure about how long it takes for the hormones to completely leave your system. I read somewhere that it takes ten days for the hormones to be completely gone? hmmmm And when you take your placebo pills and get your period, you're still protected by the pill's hormones somehow (because if not..couldn't someone get pregnant in the first three days or so of placebo pills before their period starts?) The periods you have on the pill are due to the decline of the hormones, but you don't actually ovulate.

Well, hope I helped!! haha Good luck!!

~Bethany and boys

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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 11:29am
Ammy, I was on the pill for 13 years before conceiving my DS. I went off the pill and got PG my first cycle. OB said it was just fine, no need to wait.