The good and bad of this board for ME...

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The good and bad of this board for ME...
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 1:36pm
Okay, like I said this is for ME, I am not speaking for everyone here but just wanted to say that even though I REALLY DON't like this board, at least I am focusing on work more! LOL! That has to be a good thing right? Before I was on this board CONSTANTLY except for when someone was in my office (since anyone who walks in can see what is on my screen) but now I am finding myself not coming here as often. I am trying to post to everyone but I guess even a 22 yr old can be computer iliterate! LOL! I know a lot about computers and programs but this board is confusing me. I am slowly catching on though! Like I said, the bad for me is that I don't feel as much support and don't feel I am being as supportive and the good is I am focusing on my work and other things more and not so much on the board. It's helping me to NOT OBSESS! I hope it works! Good luck to all of you!