Had my first HSG, thought I'd share.....

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Had my first HSG, thought I'd share.....
Tue, 04-15-2003 - 6:58pm
I haven't been here lately, I found an infertility board that I think suits me (I love it hear, but in addition to this board, it's nice to have a site that deals with my problems).

BUT I wanted to share my HSG story with you all! It's pretty funny actually:

It was pretty bad! But not as bad as some of the experiences I've heard about. They had to switch speculums about 3 times and they had to dilate my cervix to jam the catheter up there. The most uncomfortable part was that they kept having to swab me out because the dye didn't want to go up!

But the KICKER:

I was lying there, showing my goodies to a room full of people with bright lights and magnifying glasses,,,,,THE POWER CUTS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! So then I have to lay there with a speculum and a catheter up me for 20 minutes until they reboot the computer! There was even a computer tech guy running around in there. While this is happening the nurse, who is very sweet and meant well, said "If it's any consulation, you can always adopt"! People are starting to count me out already, I think. The woman who took my blood told me that kids aren't all they're cracked up to be and I should just be a good aunt.

When they finally shot the dye up there, THEN it really hurt, but only for a couple of seconds. The dr could only find one tube because the other one is so blocked. He said that my cervix is too tight and my uterus is extremely small, tilted, and angled up to the left, which means if I do get pg I'm going to have to be very careful.

Anyway, that doesn't explain the huge anomaly that MY Dr says I have, it just confuses me more. AND I have to wait two weeks to see my Dr because he's all booked up (even though I TOLD the receptionist that I needed my test results).

So I won't know anything until May 1st! I'll lurk until then and report back. I miss you all, but I'm cheering you on from the sidelines.


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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 7:52pm
Well, Louise, you deserve a medal for going through all that - and I'm not talking about the power outage! I can't believe medical personnel would make such asinine, insensitive remarks -- and while you are there for the procedure!!! What morons! Please don't get discouraged already. I've read so many stories by women who got pg with only one tube - and from what I can tell about half of us have weird angled uteri, myself included. I'm glad the HSG is behind you and proud of you for having the courage to do it. What luck to have the power go out on you! Was it a stormy day or a complete fluke?? Anyway, take care of yourself and try to find some way to make the time go faster. Hugs to you and here's some twin dust just for you. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** I mean it, DON'T LOSE HOPE!!!

Eone, edd #2&3 11/14

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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 8:13pm
Thanks, Eone, you are so sweet!

I'm scooping up the twin dust. After C18 and SO many procedures under my belt already I am getting pretty frightened that it will never happen to me. I guess I'll keep going until I can't afford to go anymore!

I'll check in and keep everyone posted!

Good luck to you and the babies!


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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 9:37pm
Oh Louise! HUGE (((((((HUGS))))))) to you for having to go through that. I totally understand what you mean about wondering if it will ever happen. I'm right there with you. I mean, come on, I've been ttc off & on since 1998 and not even a +hpt. Don't worry honey, you'll be a great mother. All this just proves what your willing to go through for your (soon to have) baby! (thinking positive!) Now, as for the stupid idiots with the comments, I honestly would probably report them. How insensitive can people be?

If you don't mind, can you tell me what infertility board your posting to? Is it a pp board?

Don't get your spirits down, sweety. It'll happen for you. I just know it!

Good Luck! I'm keeping everything crossed for you! (except my tubes, of course!)


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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 2:45pm
Hi Shannon! Nice to hear from you!

Thanks for your support, it gets SO frustrating, not to mention the debt that's accumulating! I hope something happens soon.

Anyway, I post to hopeforfertility.com. I love it there, it's for women with fertility problems. Everyone is really supportive. I also just found resolve.net. That one provides links to their state chapters. I emailed my state chapter to ask about fertility clinics and recommended insurance companies. They also have a message board.

I love it here, but to be honest, it's hard watching everyone (at least, it seems like everyone) but you get that BFP when you're going through so much without any luck! I'm sure you know how I feel!

Check those sites out and let me know how you like them!

I lost your email address but write me any time at portrush@hotmail.com

Take care!


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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 4:41pm
Hi Louise - It sounds like you had quite an adventure. Your experience sounds somewhat similar to my first HSG. It was a nightmare, and I think that influenced the results, which may also be the case with you.

I had an ectopic pg, and went in to have an HSG to check my tubes. First the dr inserted the catheter too far, and was pumped the dye into the veins of the uterus. I knew I was in trouble when the nurse started explaining to me what it "should look like" and helpfully drawing pictures. We did not even see a nicely formed uterus. This was my first procedure, so you can imagine I was freaking out. All of this is happening while the dr is off to perform another test. I still have everything and the kitchen sink inside of me! 20 min later, doc comes back, pulls the catheter back a little, and runs the test again. The verdict - left tube is blocked (ectopic was in my right tube). Needless to say, I was devastated. This was just a few months after my ectopic, which was my first pg. The very next month, I went to see an RE, and repeated the HSG. This time, both tubes were open! (btw, RE told me I had a "petite" uterus - as if it made me feel better than if I had a "small" uterus) and I got pg with my dd immediately afterwards. Much stranger things are known to happen - and these medical personnel need some classes in manners to learn what NOT to say to patients. We are not ruling you out, even after 18 cycles! Best of luck to you!


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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 4:48pm
I just wanted to let you know, I understand how you feel. I had my first HSG and it was awful!!!!! they had a hard time trying to tell, but they said it is not free flowing. the Dr. told me that my tubes were blocked, and it could be a resort of them trying to heal, since my tubal reversal. My question is, how long does this take to heal??? I have been trying to have another consultation with that Dr., but his staff is not addressing the reason I went to him to begin with. He told me that my cervix is fine, there is nothing wrong with my cervix or anything else. He just wished he was the Dr. who performed the tubal reversal.

On top of all this everyone (except my husband) tells me I shouldnt try to have any more children, I should just babysit.... I currently have 2 children ages 5 and 8. I kept the secret that I had a tubal reversal from the family, most of them found out when I was in the hospital. So I understand how you must have felt by the ultrasound tech... my issues is with family.

Could you please let me know what other bulletin you went on to address your issues.