hi i'm new need some hlep on a question

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hi i'm new need some hlep on a question
Sat, 04-05-2003 - 7:44pm

If anyone could help out or who has gone through this before.

I got off my birt control patch on the 15th and starting my period on the 18th.

I had a blood and urine test done on the 21 of march and they were negative. Well I didn't have a period at all last month and i've never gone a month before without my period. I still haven't got it yet. So I was wondering if I was pregnant, my husband and i want to be.

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Sat, 04-05-2003 - 9:21pm
well, I don't know... You didn't get many details. Blood tests are very acurate if you were given a quanitative blood test. If it was a quanitiative blood test I would definetly say you aren't pregnant. If it was a qualitative test it could have been given too early.

As for missing a period. That's not uncommon when coming off hormones. It's not exactly the same thing but I donated my eggs to an infertile couple. When the hormones stopped I got my period within 2 weeks like I should and then didn't get another cycle for 52 days! I have NEVER had a 52 day cycle. It was my body's reaction to the missing hormones it had been given the previous month.

Just try to keep patient and take another test in a week if you still haven't started and aren't sure still.


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Sat, 04-05-2003 - 11:11pm
I highly doubt you're pregnant. Are you keeping track of your cycle days? My first cycle off the pill was 18 days long, last one was 30 days long. My body is shaping up pretty quickly for having been on the pill for four years - it takes time. Just have fun while you wait for your cycle to straighten out!