i have a conception question....(m)

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i have a conception question....(m)
Tue, 04-15-2003 - 1:34pm
Ok, after goign off the BC pill, do you ovulate the way a regular person off BC pills??WIll i ovulate later or sooner?? This is why im wondering.....

Ok, im not pregnant yet , or not sure if i am??? Not sure until April 30...Ive been off the pill since the end of March (after my honeymoon, got married March21), and i took like 2 preg tests already, both negative of course...DUH...LOL!! Im such a nutcase arent i.WEll im having preg symptoms already.

If i were pregnant id only be about 2 weeks, with Brayden(my 3 year old son) i got pregnant right away after i stopped the pills but i think i may have gotten pregnant on our honeymoon or as soon as AF stopped. I got pregnant with brayden a week befeor my period was due, and still had a period. See my last period was only 3 days long & very light, its usually 6 days & heavy. Im getting cramps like crazy (same as when i was pregnant with Brayden & with my chemical pregnancy, my breasts are tender and sore.My stomach is rock hard too....am i a total nut thinking im showing befeor the tests is even positive or am i full of POOP , literally,LMAO, am i nut or is this really possible? For those of you who have had more then one kid, did you know this early?Did you show sooner?I started showing right after i found out i was preggo with brayden .At 7 weeks, i looked at least 3 mos preggo.At 3 mos i looked 5-6 mos...etc..I am like 99% sure im preggo. Is it cause i want it so bad..any advice or brain picking...feel free..also, the last week i was on the pill i had the POOPS non stop for the whole week while i was in the dominican republic becasue of all the alcohol and different food,so i think it may not have been as effective that week so if that is the case i was off pills on March 22....if that thery isnt true i went off them March 29....

Thnx Jess