Interesting conversation... not yet ttc but will be

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Interesting conversation... not yet ttc but will be
Mon, 11-07-2011 - 7:47pm

I am newly married and my best friend is going to be married in a few months.

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I personally think that both parties need to be involved in family planning discussions, actually with most medical issues.


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Wow, I wonder why she didn't want him there? Is she really modest? Most of the time you hear that the husband is squeamish about being involved in conversations like that. I would think she'd want her husband on board with family planning options.

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I don't think my DH would have wanted to be there for the discussion to go off the pill. We discussed everything at home and before the appointment and I just relayed the info after talking with the doctor. I do want to give you a word of advice for you and your friend. It can be difficult if you're close and looking forward to being pregnant together and then one of you gets pregnant and the other doesn't. My best friend and I were like that and she got pregnant right away and I didn't. She tries to tell me she understands what I'm going through and it has caused some tension because she has no clue what it is like to TTC and have it not happen immediately (she's one of those people who says I'm not relaxing and that's why it's not happening). I just wanted to give a word of caution and keep your friendship strong if it doesn't happen as you both plan. FX'd that everything goes well with going off your blood thinners, I'm sure it's a little scary to go off those meds. I hope everything goes well for you.