Loss of Appetite

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Loss of Appetite
Sat, 04-12-2003 - 7:46pm
Have you ever heard of anyone loosing their appetite? Here lately I haven't wanted to eat hardly anything, accept I know that I should so I eat something anyway. I was wondering if anyone who has become pg had this as a symptom prior to finding out they were pg.


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Sat, 04-12-2003 - 9:35pm
Before I found out I was preggers with my dd, I craved tuna fish sandwiches just about every day. Once I found out I was preggers, I started craving crab salad and had to have that every day. : ) Everyone is different. YOu just never know.

There were alot of things that I couldnt stomach that I had no problem with before.

Good Luck.

Feel free to email if you want to chat about it.

Blessings, Erin

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