Need advice before I go crazy!!

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Need advice before I go crazy!!
Wed, 04-16-2003 - 11:00pm
Hello All!! I am so confused--all of this is so new to me and discouraging!! I am charting on FF--I am on cd20 and no O my temps are really crazy this month. I have a question how late is to late to O--should I give up this month and try againnext or just try to stay hopeful! Question 2--from what I have been reading there is a dip before O the day before my dip we BD-it was Thurs-then Fri by my charting thought should have been my o day-that night I had a cople of short pain on the right side--could this be o pain it didn't last very long--about 10 minutes?? It also wasn't painful just enough to notice!! PLEASE help me--I am about to go crazy--how long should I wait to test?? Is it possible?? and what are some of the really early signs that I can look for? Thank you all for any input and/or advice!!!


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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 12:46am

I know how confusing this whole thing is at the beginning! I'll try to answer your questions.

First, it looks like you O'd on CD15 (Fri). Esp. since you had some kind of pain on that day. I don't know why FF doesn't give you a CL but you can put it manually. I don't know though, how to detect you CL temperature, maybe someone else can help you with that.

I think you should keep taking your temps and see what happens. Are you taking them around the same time, after at least 3 hrs of sleep, before you get out of bed or start talking? All that is really important when you take your temps.

Some people do have a dip before O, but it's not something you have to look for. It's not a 'rule'. You can have some cycles w/o pre-O dip and some with. Just like impl. dip. Implantation usually happens around 5-10 DPO, but sometimes can be earlier or later than that. If you're looking for symptoms, they come after impl. happens. Some of the most common ones are: fatigue, m/s, bigger veins on your BB's and in the places where they are close to skin (legs, chest, face etc), some women get itchy, some get heartburn, some get AF-like cramps earlier than they usually do. In other words, anything that is unusual for your body can be your RPS.

And about testing, it's up to you. Usually not earlier than 10 DPO. It's suggested to wait till your first day of missed period for a few reasons: to avoid frustration of getting BFN and b/c you may not have enough HCG built up in your body if you test earlier. But I also know that it's too hard to wait so long. If it helps you, then you can test earlier.

Well, I hope I haven't confused you even more :)


Olya :)

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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 9:38am
FF has not given you a CL because they only put that in after 3 days of raised temps, that dip after the spike is why no doubt. In a couple more days, if your temps keep rising they will put one on. With your symptoms I would guess CD15 too, esp with the CM. What was the watery cm like? Was it like your normal fertile cm or was it more like post o cm? If it was scant and not stretchy, I would definatly say cd 15 judging by cm which can be more acurate than temps, due to variables in temping. Good luck and hope things go well for you. Oh BTW, I am on CD 21, 5 dpo too, if you want to look at my chart it is posted under Snow Bunnies in roll call. you would be in that group too right?